Elif Uysal born in Ankara, Turkey in 1981 started her career by taking 7 years of design lessons from famous artist Akdogan Topaclioglu.

In 2001, she graduated from Baskent University. She has worked with numerous firms as product and design development manager and department manager. In 2011 he ended her career working for big firms, and established her own brand “Fashion by Pride” and shortly her Pride Boxy Bag gained massive success and became a must have fashion item in Turkey.

” I design a woman, not a dress
. “

Became her motto, and she made sure that the quality and functionality was a highly priority of her brand. 

In 2012 she launched the “My Dream” AW collection and in 2013 she launched “My Belief” SS collection which was showcased in Ankara Fashion Week. Elif celebrated her 7th year in the fashion industry with her third collection “Eternity” and managed to enter the list of international fashion designers. In addition of making different collections, she also designs exquisite tailor fitted outfits and she designs collections for fashion chain stores such as BILSTORE.